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What Is The Difference Between ReadyNAS Pro 6 And Business Edition?

The venerable ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition has been replaced!

netgear-readynas-pro-business-network-storage-nasNetgear has announced and promised to ship this month the new ReadyNAS Pro lineup of 2, 4 and 6 drive business class NAS devices.

These are fantastic small business network storage devices and now you can save a few bucks if you don’t need 6 drives by buying a more affordable 2 bay or 4 bay unit. (Note: Enterprise drives in 4 and 6 bay Pro’s only)

So the obvious question is:

What is the difference between the old Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition and the new ReadyNAS Pro 6?

Answer: Not Much

Here is the rundown of differences:

  • The new ReadyNAS Pro 6 has a faster CPU (both are multicore)
  • The new Pro 6 comes with a one year 100GB subscription to ReadyNAS Vault online backup service
  • The part number prefix is the same: RNDP. The old Business Edition’s part number suffix is -100, the newer Pro 6 is -200. There’s clarity for you!
  • The older Business Edition is available for purchase here. The new Pro 6, we’re still waiting as of now.

Unless the price comes out to be a huge difference, I would buy the newer Pro 6 and try the ReadyNAS Vault. I doubt you will notice any speed difference, but we’ll always take a faster CPU!

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