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Warning – What Network Storage is NOT!

data-loss-failed-hard-driveI have been reading a lot of reviews about the Apple Time Capsule because I have a client who is having trouble connecting to the office with an IPSec VPN ever since he bought a new Time Capsule and is using that as his internet router.

People Are Losing Data When Their Apple Time Capsule Fails

While the Apple Time Capsule is lauded as an easy to use, in typical Apple fashion, device for getting WiFi & wired internet access – with guest access, no less – and the added benefit of network storage, it seems to also have a reputation for DYING after about 18 months use.

Worse than that, people are complaining that they are losing data.


I thought the Apple Time Capsule’s job was to BACKUP your Mac, not store stuff independently on it!

The Time Capsule only has 1 hard drive. If you store something on there to offload the stress on your PC that is filling up, then YOU MUST BACKUP your Time Capsule just like any other network storage device!

Every NAS device that I heartily recommend on this site has NAS RAID employed to PROTECT your data from a single or (in the rare case of a RAID6 device) multiple hard drive failure.

The Time Capsule has only 1 hard drive, that drive WILL FAIL someday, and if you believe all of the user reviews, you can expect it to fail in about 18 months. From what I have read, if the unit fails but the drive does not, it is not an easy task to recover that data in any other fashion although I have yet to confirm that.

What Network Storage is NOT!

Network Storage is NOT data storage that does NOT need to be backed up. If your network storage is SOLELY a backup of other computers, you do not need to back it up.

But if your network storage is what it is for most people, a central repository of data, multimedia files, etc that do not exist anywhere else, you MUST back it up!

How do you backup Network Storage

The easiest way to backup your network storage device is to buy a quality NAS device that has online backup built in. With a Netgear ReadyNAS you need only to subscribe to Netgear’s online backup service and then configure your NAS to backup.

That simple.

If you are going to use another method, you will probably need to subscribe to something like Mozy Pro that allows you to backup network drives.

Most online backup services only allow you to backup your local PC and not any network drives.

Don’t lose your precious data! Buy a reliable network storage device and then make sure you have it scheduled for automatic backups!

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