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Home Music Server – Access, Store And Protect

Home Music Server Removes Technology Frustration A home music server can be your answer to the constant juggling, searching and syncing you do to attempt to enjoy the music library that you have paid so handsomely for. Everyone I know who tries to enjoy music on an iPod, smartphone or with iTunes on the computer [...]

USB NAS – Do NOT Buy Until You Read This

USB NAS Disappoints – With One Exception USB NAS adapters are popular because so many people have external hard drives and have found that moving them from computer to computer is not as easy as first thought. Since all of your computers are likely on your home network anyway, doesn’t it make sense to leave [...]

Home Network Storage – Access Your Music, Photos, Videos and Data From Any Computer Anywhere

Home network storage is the solution to organize music, photos and other important data all in one place on your home network so you can access it from any on your PCs or Macs. Most homes now have multiple computers and handheld devices, some with network cables and others that increasingly are wireless. Yet these [...]

External Hard Drive Crashed

Avoid Losing Data With A Redundant Hard Drive NAS Just today I fielded a question on my computer help forum from a person who had data (operative word “HAD”) on an external hard drive. The drive no longer works and the company wants him to send it in for replacement. His question was “how do [...]

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