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Small Business NAS Recommendation

We received an inquiry from a reader regarding a Small Business NAS Recommendation. Here it is: I want to move our company off of a really poorly configured server that we simply don’t use as a server anymore. I simply would like to store files using a few shares between a few computers. The one [...]

Replacing Microsoft SBS With A Small Business NAS

We have used Microsoft SBS in our own small business office for over 10 years now, and overall been quite happy. Yet as our SBS 2003 box ages, I worry more and more about the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) which causes a piercing feeling to crash through my chest whenever it happens. Will [...]

Netgear ReadyNAS Pro – Details To Eliminate Confusion

ReadyNAS Pro Models De-Mystified Search on Netgear ReadyNAS Pro if you really want to be confused about one of the top small business network storage devices on the market. Under the same root model name we have a consumer device that I do not recommend, a small business NAS device that I highly recommend, and [...]

What Is The Difference Between ReadyNAS Pro 6 And Business Edition?

The venerable ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition has been replaced! Netgear has announced and promised to ship this month the new ReadyNAS Pro lineup of 2, 4 and 6 drive business class NAS devices. These are fantastic small business network storage devices and now you can save a few bucks if you don’t need 6 drives [...]

USB 3 Available On Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 2

ReadyNAS Pro in 2 Bay, 4 Bay and 6 Bay Netgear has announced the new ReadyNAS Pro Series lineup and they are expected to start shipping by the end of November 2010 (wishful thinking?). Confusingly, these models still go by the RNDP prefix but instead of a -100 at the end of the model number, [...]

How To Backup Server Data To NAS Device Share

One of benefits of having a network storage device for a small business is that you can “mirror” your key data to your NAS device as a readily available backup. What I have done is create a batch file on the server that looks like this: Net use K: \NAS1General /y RoboCopy D:SharesF-Drive K:Server1F-Drive /MIR [...]

When Do I Need A Server For My Office?

I come upon a number of small businesses and professionals who are asking at what point do I need a server for my office? Peer to peer networks among Windows PC’s are easy to setup and they do work. Some circumstances just scream for a dedicated file server. Here are some signs that you need [...]