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ReadyNAS Pro Versus ReadyNAS Ultra 6

Which 6 Hard Drive NAS To Buy?

netgear-readynas-pro-business-edition-6-hard-drive-nasIf you are in the market for a 6 hard drive NAS you have probably looked at the new Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 6 and wondered how it stacked up to the business class stalwart Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Business.

The ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition (Not to be confused with the Pro Pioneer Edition which is NOT the same and I do NOT recommend) is a SMB Network Storage targeted device (small & medium business), has been around a while and has earned itself a great reputation.

The Ultra 6 is a recent entry to the ReadyNAS lineup and is targeted at the higher end home network storage market with a big emphasis on multimedia entertainment and the streaming of content including TiVo.

While the two network storage devices might look similar, there are definitely some differences you should be aware of.


First, the Similarities

  • Both units have 6 hard drive hot swap bays
  • Both have ReadyNAS quality of product and depth of support
  • Both will run the same cool applications for media streaming, TiVo, etc
  • Both can be purchased in a few drive configurations
  • Even though the Ultra is newer, the Pro Business can do everything the Ultra can

Some Important Differences Between The Pro Business and Ultra 6

  • The Ultra 6 NAS has an Atom processor, the Pro Business has a Core Duo CPU
  • The ReadyNAS Pro Business NAS is a "business class" network storage device

    • Hard drives 1TB and larger will be enterprise class drives
    • Warranty is 5 years instead of 3 years on the Ultra 6 and other "pro-sumer" or "consumer" devices
    • You can join to a Windows Active Directory domain if you need to.
  • The Pro Business will run the same add-ons as the Ultra, but you may have to install them first (no biggie)

So compare the price, look at the differences and see which one makes more sense for you.

Often people will look at a product like the new ReadyNAS Ultra 6, which I really like, and go with it because it’s newer and assume it’s better. But since Netgear tries to build their units around the same "template", the Pro Business will run all the fancy mult-media apps that you may be excited about in the Ultra.

If you are buying for home or a very small business, connecting to a Windows Active Directory may not be an issue, but how about those extra 2 years of warranty? The extra performance of the Pro Business?

Just make sure you buy the right network storage device appropriate for you home or office with full knowledge of what you are paying for.

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