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QNAP Has RAID6 Advantage Over ReadyNAS


The QNAP 4-Bay Turbo NAS Tower Server TS-459 ProII is a premium 4 drive bay NAS that offers RAID6, and, BTW, USB 3.0 as well.

These are two features that you won’t find in our otherwise favorite small business NAS, the Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 4.

Granted, though, the QNAP is much more expensive.

Does it do more? Yes, the feature list is quite expansive. But many of these features are not going to be important to most buyers.

Yet the USB 3.0 ports in themselves are a welcome addition that we only find on the 2 drive bay ReadyNAS Pro.

For us, though, being rather enamored by the security of RAID6 data protection, find the QNAP attractive since you can configure the 4 drives in it for RAID6. Netgear, for some reason, dose not allow this on any of their 4 drive offerings; you have to buy a 6 drive system to get it with ReadyNAS.

RAID6 only requires 4 drives, so why not, Netgear?

So we are looking seriously at making the QNAP 4-Bay Turbo NAS Tower Server TS-459 ProII our next NAS for in-house data storage.

The QNAP come without any hard drives installed; be sure to check the compatibility list before buying.