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LinkSys Network Attached Storage

linksys-network-attached-storageWhen people think of affordable NAS they may be inclined to wonder about LinkSys network attached storage simply because the name is so well known for many, many years of affordable products with usually decent quality.

While never really known well for their network storage products, LinkSys is very well known for wired and wireless routers, hubs and switches; I have installed countless of them myself.

Some time ago, though, the networking behemoth Cisco decided they liked the products so well they bought the company and have been integrating the LinkSys product line into their own and actually getting people used to using the name Cisco instead.

Like other home NAS and small business network storage systems, LinkSys network attached storage is available in either 2 hard drive or 4 hard drive configurations. Naturally, if you want RAID NAS redundancy and data protection, a 2 drive system will offer you only RAID1 (mirroring) where a 4 drive system has the potential for a RAID5 array.

When looking for affordable, easy to use NAS products, sometimes you look no further than something you are familiar with, and for many of us, LinkSys Network Attached Storage looks VERY familiar.

What you may find, though, is that once renamed with the more presitgious Cisco name, the prices not only go up but the ease of use may tend to go down. Cisco Network Attached Storage would be the newer name replacing LinkSys.

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