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How To Transfer Your iTunes Library

itunesEveryone loves Apple iPods and other media devices but iTunes library is often a topic that can get the conversation a little heated up.

Between iTunes crashes – especially on Windows PC’s, imagine that – people losing data because they do not understand how iTunes stores there precious songs and other media, and the limitations Apple places on the storage of your music many just have one copy of their iTunes library – and are at risk of losing it.

I found quite an extensive description of how iTunes Library works and how you can transfer your iTunes library to a new pc or to a home NAS device, and that link is here.

iTunes is the premier music download and management system in use today. Understanding it is the key to getting along with it.

We want you to enjoy your music, movies and any other entertainment media whenever and wherever you like, and not be in fear of losing it or have it be inconvenient to access.

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