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How To Recover Data From DLink DNS-323

nas-drive-data-recoveryI see it often asked in network storage forums how to recover data from the disk of a DLink DNS-323 or similar home NAS device.

Most of these units have SATA hard drives in them, which means that you can remove the hard drive (after powering off the unit) and connect to your PC with a USB solution.

You can install the NAS hard drive into an external USB hard drive enclosure, but you don’t have to be that fancy.

A Vantec USB hard drive adapter is less money to buy and saves you time installing and uninstalling the hard drive to a temporary enclosure.

Once that is done you can use any number of utilities that will read EXT2/3 file format. A free download of Ultimate Boot CD followed by creating the physical CD to boot from, or even any number of other utilities like DiskInternals should do the job.

Keep in mind that if you are using RAID1 on your DLink DNS-323, the two hard drives are mirrored and therefore identical – unless something happened to the RAID set before you took the drives out.

Recovering data from a NAS hard drive does not have to be complicated necessarily in an instance like this, but the drive must be healthy for it to work – a fact that many suffering from excessive “hope” sometimes overlook.

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