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Home Music Server – Access, Store And Protect

Home Music Server Removes Technology Frustration

A home music server can be your answer to the constant juggling, searching and syncing you do to attempt to enjoy the music library that you have paid so handsomely for.

Everyone I know who tries to enjoy music on an iPod, smartphone or with iTunes on the computer all suffer from problems that can be largely overcome by implementing a quality home music server on your home network.

  • Most users do not really understand where their music files are stored, nor how to back them up. Is it any wonder so many lose this costly investment when their hard drive crashes?
  • Many homes now have more than one computer, and when mom gets a new MacBook and gives her old Windows PC to the kids, she has no idea how to get her iTunes, Amazon MP3′s or other digital media transferred to her new computer.
  • Dad is tired of paying to buy music a second time for family members that cannot find or figure out how to organize what they already have paid for once. He would like to be able to backup everyone’s music to an online backup service but since the music is spread out all over the house, he has no idea how to get it done.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your family music libraries are important, expensive assets that you not only want to be able to access conveniently, but also protect and backup. Home network storage devices typically have all of the home music server capabilities that you are looking for.

Consolidate Your Music Data For Access

There are many ways to enjoy your music library these days.

  • Play through your computer, any computer, from anywhere! Home music servers can give you access to your music anywhere on your home network or even if you are away.
  • Your mobile device, whether iPod, iPad, iTouch, smartphone; any device that has network connectivity – again, from your home network or even when away from home. (While at work, too, if you don’t get caught…)
  • Play through a home stereo or new technology network media player for parties, working around the house or anytime.
  • Your game console or internet TV can play music from any of your libraries storied on a home music server.

Here is a list of supported media streaming devices by the Netgear ReadyNAS NVX:

* ReadyDLNA
* SqueezeCenter
* Network DVD player compatible
* Apple iTunes server
* Sony PlayStation® 3
* Microsoft® Xbox 360, MCE
* Sonos Digital Music System
* Netgear EVA Digital Entertainer HD

Think of what you could do with that kind of capability. These types of devices can free you from having to sync a playlist to your iPod and let you listen without the discomfort (and hearing loss potential) of those darn ear buds.

Protect Your Music Library With Home Network Storage

A home music server built in to a home NAS device has the advantage, if properly purchased and configured, to protect your investment in music with NAS RAID so you do not lose your music collection just because a hard drive failed. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Backup Your Music Easily, Conveniently, and Automatically Online

With a home music server that’s part of a home NAS, your data is already consolidated – meaning you can find it to enjoy it and to back it up online.

Many NAS devices have the ability to backup to the manufacturers own online backup service built in to the functionality of the unit. All you need to do is subscribe and turn the feature on.

That way, even if the house burns down (God forbid) or your teenager’s friend steals the music server your data is recoverable because it is safely stored off site. Setup a new home music server and restore your data.

Take a look at the home network storage devices that can operate as a robust home music server.


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