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Netgear ReadyNAS Hard Drive Failure Replacement Process

RAID Storage Done Right In ReadyNAS We are often spending time on forums trying to convince NAS owners and storage users to ALWAYS implement RAID level 1 or above to protect their data from hard drive failure. (Remember RAID 0 is not “RAID” at all, nothing redundant about it!) The reason is that, eventually, all [...]

Disk Failure On Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus – No Data Lost

When a hard drive fails it usually means data loss (since last backup, anyway), UNLESS you have properly configured redundant hard drives. With a Netgear ReadyNAS server, X-RAID or X-RAID2 is the easy choice to provide data redundancy. When the hard drive failed in our ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus we lost no data because X-RAID2 [...]

The Problem With Workstation RAID

Lost Data, Corrupt Data, Cannot Transfer RAID Array I spend some time on network storage forums and I frequently see threads regarding workstation RAID and lost data, RAID corruption or, why-oh-why do they even use it, RAID 0 problems. RAID on a workstation, i.e. normal PC running a non-server version of Windows, is NOT recommended. [...]