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Network Storage Review – Get On The Right Track

Network Storage Review Basics When you look for a good network storage review it helps to know what features are of value to you. For instance, it’s great that the Netgear ReadyNAS lineup of NAS devices make it really easy to securely sync your data to another ReadyNAS across the country, but what does that [...]

ReadyNAS Review – Why Netgear ReadyNAS Network Storage

Looking for a ReadyNAS review? You have come to the right place. I first fell in love with the ReadyNAS network attached storage devices when they were Infrant Technologies, before Netgear loved them so much they bought the company. ReadyNAS network storage devices are built to be serious network data servers. In compiling the information [...]

USB NAS – Do NOT Buy Until You Read This

USB NAS Disappoints – With One Exception USB NAS adapters are popular because so many people have external hard drives and have found that moving them from computer to computer is not as easy as first thought. Since all of your computers are likely on your home network anyway, doesn’t it make sense to leave [...]

How To Copy Files From PC To NAS Device

I am often asked how to copy files from a PC to a NAS device or external hard drive. While this is a one time deal, for the most part, and I recommend storing data permanently on a RAID NAS device and then backing up THAT network storage perhaps to an online backup service. How [...]

D-Link Adds Cloud Backup As NAS Backup Option

D-Link, playing catch up to Netgear ReadyNAS, just announced that it has partnered with CTERA’s online backup service. It will be integrating online backup or “cloud backup” capability into the DLink DNS-323 NAS device. The service lets users back up files from any PC to the DNS-323, which then can automatically back up to CTERA’s [...]

Secrets To NAS Backup

Here Is How The Pros Backup Their NAS NAS Backup is something that is not discussed often enough. Unfortunately, many people think that since their NAS device is using RAID5 to protect their data that they do NOT need to backup. Wrong! RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, X-RAID, etc all protect against a hard drive failing (or [...]

How Does NAS RAID Protect My Data?

Having a network attached storage device gives everyone on your network convenient access to the data on it; but how does NAS RAID protect my data? Quite simply, a NAS device without RAID (NOT RAID0, which is NOT really RAID, IMHO) is just an external hard drive with a network card instead of a USB [...]

Do I Really Need RAID NAS?

When searching for Network Storage solutions, often people look at price and wonder why they should spend more money for NAS RAID instead of just a single hard drive in the NAS device. The NAS device may or may not be backed up, I would suggest it most likely is not. If the network storage [...]

Laptop Hard Drive Crashed, iTunes Music Library Lost

How To Prevent Data Loss I have a friend in another part of the country we visited a little while ago who was telling us about when their Apple laptop hard drive crashed. At the time, the laptop was full of both business data and quite a bit of iTunes music. All that data and [...]