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Can You Use Online Storage Instead Of Network Attached Storage?

Online Storage Customer Loses All His Data The difference between Online Storage and Online Backup is that storage items no longer exist on your computer system, they have been “archived” to the online storage provider and then deleted from the local system, usually to save space. You are then trusting a company you may have [...]

Why You Should Choose Netgear ReadyNAS for Network Storage

I have been a fan of Netgear ReadyNAS for Network Storage since, well, before Netgear owned ReadyNAS (it started as Infrant Technologies). Are they the cheapest one out there? Heck no, but since when is the best also the cheapest? Apparently I’m not the only fan of Netgear ReadyNAS lineup of home NAS, SMB NAS [...]

D-Link Network Attached Storage

D-Link is not know especially for network attached storage, but D-Link NAS units are an economical way to get started in network storage. D-Link has long been known for reasonably priced network cards, hubs, switches, etc and now are also into network storage and even network cameras. The home NAS and low budget small office [...]

Warning – What Network Storage is NOT!

I have been reading a lot of reviews about the Apple Time Capsule because I have a client who is having trouble connecting to the office with an IPSec VPN ever since he bought a new Time Capsule and is using that as his internet router. People Are Losing Data When Their Apple Time Capsule [...]

ReadyNAS Pro Versus ReadyNAS Ultra 6

Which 6 Hard Drive NAS To Buy? If you are in the market for a 6 hard drive NAS you have probably looked at the new Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 6 and wondered how it stacked up to the business class stalwart Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Business. The ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition (Not to be confused with [...]

Apple Time Capsule WiFi

Those of you with Apple computers, Mac, iMac, whatever may be tempted to buy an Apple Time Capsule WiFi with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive for network storage and wireless networking. Nothing wrong with that, it should work quite well with your Apple devices. These units will share your internet connection, internal hard drive [...]

LinkSys Network Attached Storage

When people think of affordable NAS they may be inclined to wonder about LinkSys network attached storage simply because the name is so well known for many, many years of affordable products with usually decent quality. While never really known well for their network storage products, LinkSys is very well known for wired and wireless [...]

Cheap NAS Storage

Cheap NAS storage is better than no network storage at all. I typically am willing to spend a little more money for better quality, higher reliability or longer service life when it comes to buying any computer equipment but especially something as important as a NAS for home or office. At the same time, though, [...]

RAID6 Dual Redundancy – A Big Improvement Over Hot Spares

Hot Spares R.I.P. I am really excited about RAID6 dual redundancy which is available on many NAS devices of 4 drives or more, although with Netgear ReadyNAS they do not give you the option unless the device’s total capacity is 6 drives or more. (Don’t ask me, Netgear does not have me on the payroll). [...]

NAS Devices With RAID Hard Drives

RAID hard drives is a system of data protection that prevents data loss due to hard drive failure. The acronym stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and has many advantage when properly configured in a NAS device. One method of using RAID hard drives is to use RAID level 0, which is a method [...]