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Time Machine NAS Backup On ReadyNAS

Easy Time Machine Setup On Ultra2Plus We have had a MacBook Pro around the house for a while but just now got around to Time Machine NAS backup to our Netgear Ultra2Plus. There really isn’t anything stored on the Mac so it wasn’t critical. But now that I have a Mac I’m using for cloud [...]

Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage

The Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage, available in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB sizes, is one of the “cheap NAS” devices that are currently available that will probably do the job for you. Not everyone can afford or even wants to spend the money on a “real” home NAS like the ReadyNAS Ultra [...]

How Do I Share and Back Up Files in My Home?

One of the reasons we began this website was that so many people are asking “How Do I Share and Back Up Files in My Home?” and we wanted to help with that. Since is one of our preferred vendors for home network storage anyway, we thought that we would pass along a link [...]

What About External USB Hard Drives Instead Of Network Storage?

Network storage does cost more money than an external USB hard drive, and a lot of people who use an external hard drive for large file storage simply are not aware of home network storage options. Recently on the Free Computer Consultant Support Forum there have been lots of people asking for help with external [...]

Door Buster Sale Seagate BlackArmor NAS220 4TB

Seagate is my preferred brand for hard drives and the BlackArmor NAS220 is a highly regarded NAS device in its class. If you want door buster sale savings on the Seagate BlackArmor NAS220 4TB then head over to and pick one up before this sale is over. DOORBUSTER: Get a Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 [...]

Why I Don't Use Windows Home Server

What Home Network Storage I Use Instead As a long time computer consultant who specialized in Microsoft Windows Small Business Server many find it odd that I did not embrace Windows Home Server when it came out. Believe me, I wanted to. With the Microsoft brand – despite the people who hate them – I [...]

Best Home NAS Buying Guidance

I get questions all the time about which is the best home NAS to buy. But everyone has different needs, or should I say, of the typical home network storage benefits, one or more that they are looking to fulfill. If money were no object and space were no object, that would be one thing [...]

ReadyNAS Duo Review Updated – With Audio

I just updated the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo Review page with some pertinent information on what differentiates the newer home NAS units regarding multimedia capabilities from the tried and true Duo. In fact, here is my first AudioBoo recording: Listen!

Home NAS Device Brings Convenience and Piece of Mind

Home NAS for Storage, Access, RAID and Online Backup The right home NAS device will eliminate a lot of problems in your life. Unless you live in a cave without power you probably have a music library for every member of you household over age 5, more than one computer or media playing device, other [...]

Home Network Storage – Access Your Music, Photos, Videos and Data From Any Computer Anywhere

Home network storage is the solution to organize music, photos and other important data all in one place on your home network so you can access it from any on your PCs or Macs. Most homes now have multiple computers and handheld devices, some with network cables and others that increasingly are wireless. Yet these [...]