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Which Home NAS Is Right For Me?

Lots of people with growing data files are asking which home NAS is right for me? There is a lot of information out there about the various network storage devices for sale but little that really describes what they do. Let’s start out by finding out if you are in the category of most first [...]

How To Transfer Your iTunes Library

Everyone loves Apple iPods and other media devices but iTunes library is often a topic that can get the conversation a little heated up. Between iTunes crashes – especially on Windows PC’s, imagine that – people losing data because they do not understand how iTunes stores there precious songs and other media, and the limitations [...]

Some ReadyNAS Business Units Cannot Run Streaming Services

There are some ReadyNAS Business units, Intel x86 variety (which is all that will run streaming services), like the ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition, that may not run multimedia streaming services. Fortunately, the fix is pretty easy. What you have to do is “toggle” the services on. Download the ToggleStreamingServices add-on, then install it via the [...]

Stream Multimedia From Your ReadyNAS To Your Mobile Device Using Orb

iPhone and Android Supported for Media Streaming I just installed the free Orb add-on to the Netgear ReadyNAS NVX in the house so we could easily stream multimedia content to our smartphones and iTouchs. We even intend to do this when we are away from home. Let’s take a look at why this is important. [...]

Accessing Your Home NAS While On Vacation

My life revolves around my data, stored on my home NAS device which I can access when on vacation, too. Ok, I hardly take vacations, but that’s what most people call it when away from home and I do try to do something fun when away. When I take a bunch of pictures with my [...]

Home Music Server – Access, Store And Protect

Home Music Server Removes Technology Frustration A home music server can be your answer to the constant juggling, searching and syncing you do to attempt to enjoy the music library that you have paid so handsomely for. Everyone I know who tries to enjoy music on an iPod, smartphone or with iTunes on the computer [...]

External Hard Drive Crashed

Avoid Losing Data With A Redundant Hard Drive NAS Just today I fielded a question on my computer help forum from a person who had data (operative word “HAD”) on an external hard drive. The drive no longer works and the company wants him to send it in for replacement. His question was “how do [...]