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Apple Time Capsule WiFi

apple-time-capsuleThose of you with Apple computers, Mac, iMac, whatever may be tempted to buy an Apple Time Capsule WiFi with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive for network storage and wireless networking.

Nothing wrong with that, it should work quite well with your Apple devices.

These units will share your internet connection, internal hard drive and an optional USB external hard drive or USB printer with either cabled or wireless connected computers in your home or office.

You do want to keep in mind, though, that anything saved to these drives should be a BACKUP only. Data stored only on the Apple Time Capsule is in danger of data loss should the hard drive fail – and it will at some point.

There is no provision for NAS RAID on the Time Capsule seeing as there is only one hard drive internally and you would never want to add a USB external hard drive to a RAID set – not that any manufacturer would let you.

The Time Capsule with 802.11n WiFi and an internal hard drive makes great Apple network attached storage, but look at it only as a backup – that is what Apple intended it for.

There are other quality NAS devices that not only support Apple Time Machine on Apple computers, but offer NAS RAID to protect your data from hard drive failure if you want to store data on the NAS that is more than just a backup of another computer.

For that, maybe you want to check out the Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4.

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