Network Storage Tips


Network Storage Tips is all about helping you find the right network attached storage device(s) for use in your enterprise, small to medium business (SMB), home or home office.

With data storage needs growing exponentially, having a reliable, full featured, and convenient data repository is increasingly important.

As a 25 year veteran of PC, small business and enterprise data administration and consulting I have extensive experience at evaluating data storage needs, planning, implementation, backup and disaster recovery.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is really a dream come true for an experienced IT professional and home network geek like myself trying to find workable, affordable solutions. They comprise the best features of networking, data accessibility, entertainment and data protection.

I am therefore excited to help people like you find the right hardware for your network storage needs.

Enterprises are using network attached storage devices like the popular ReadyNAS products for iSCSI storage of virtual machines (VM’s).

Small and medium businesses are finding that a NAS device can provide valuable, disk redundant storage for mixed environments on more cost effective terms than a Microsoft Windows server while occupying a much smaller footprint besides.

Home offices can easily create a cost effective, professional and full featured network without having to shell out big bucks for Microsoft licensing or Microsoft certified professionals to manage that server. A ReadyNAS or similar network storage device provides data redundancy, cross platform accessibility and a convenient path to offsite online backup services.

Homes are increasingly filled with ever more valuable data such as photos, music and video. Network storage devices provide access to everyone, whether connected with a wire or wireless network. Important files need not be subject to a single hard drive crash and backing up offline or online could not be easier than with an easily configured NAS device.

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